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Wave-Bar Technology

What is a "Wave-Bar"?

Technically, the Wave-bar™ is the Patented and Exclusive Angled Bar Levelwind created by the U.S. Reel Designers. It's called the Wave-bar™ because of its appearance in action looks like a wave. The video to the right shows the Wave-bar™ in action.

As you can see, there is no more line-guide — the bar with the eyelet that travels on a bar, driven by a worm gear and pawl.

In 1896 the line-guide was invented. It made it possible to concentrate on fishing instead of putting the line back on the spool, with your fingers! Over 100 years later, with technological refinements. The line-guide is still a standard on baitcast reels. But, with all the improvements in the reels over the last 100 years, the limitations of the line-guide have become more apparent. It remains the most significant contributor to the line friction that restricts casting distance. For maximum distance, you have to exert far more energy to overcome the line-guide, than to launch the lure with today's state of the art reels. So, at U.S. Reel, we designed a series of reels without the line-guide. The energy you put into the cast won't get robbed, restricted or diminished.

Line comes off straight. No angles.
Virtually no friction

With a SuperCaster, Wave-Bar reel from U.S. Reel, line isn't restricted because there is no line-guide. The spool, bearings and line can do their job without you having to over compensate by throwing harder.

The Wave-Bar advantages:

  • Cover more water/stay in the strike zone longer
  • Pitch farther with lighter lures
  • Faster lure speed/flatter trajectory
  • 28" per turn retrieve rate
  • Fire under cover better than traditional casting reels
  • No eyelet to freeze up in cold weather fishing
  • Reach schooling fish you could never get to before!
  • Cast with less effort & fewer backlashes
  • Cast farther than reels priced hundreds more!
  • Use lighter & smaller lures than with traditional reels
Straight Line Casting YES
Levelwind System Exclusive Wave-Bar levelwind
Gear Ratio Fast 6.5:1
Levelwind Protection Super-hard titanium nitride (TIN) coated levelwind
SS Ball Bearings 4 4 8 9 5
Continuous Anti-Reverse Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Frame One piece Reny One piece Aluminum One piece Aluminum One piece Aluminum One piece
Spool protection Super-hard titanium nitride (TIN) coated levelwind
Spool Forged 2-tone aluminum spool
Spool Shaft Stainless steel
Gears Machine cut solid brass
Weight 8.1 oz 8.6 oz 8.5 oz 8.8 oz 8.7 oz
Handle type Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Forged AL Handle Forged AL Handle
Line Retrieve Rate 27"
Drag System Multi-disk
Spool Control Magnetic
Spool Release Thumbar release
Line Capacities - Mono (lb/yd) 10/140 10/140 10/140 10/140 10/140
Line Capacities - Braid (lb/yd) 10/210 10/210 10/210 10/210 10/242
Retrieve Left and Right Hand Right Hand Right Hand Left and
Right Hand
Left and
Right Hand

Join the growing list of Professional anglers who are using the “Wave Bar” Advantage!

“Take it from me, reels with the “Wave Bar” levelwind will flat out change everything! I love ‘em and am proud to have my name on the box.”


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