"Casting is effortless!"

As for the reels (SC1000 and SC1000 Pro), they are what I've been looking for for years. Most of my fishing is finesse fishing. I throw a slider head and centipede a lot of the time and until now I could only use a spinning rod for that. These are usually 1/8 oz. With these new reels I can flip, pitch or skip these light jigs with a casting rod, which I prefer. I had them spooled and fishing right away. My dad has a pond next door to me and I had a 2 lb largemouth on the 3rd cast. Casting is effortless. Then I wanted to try these slider heads and even worked going into the wind. I haven't been that excited since I was a teenager!!!

— Brian Althouse, Peru IN

"All it is claimed to be!"

I ordered an SC 1000 PRO. The reel is all it is claimed to be. I mounted it on a 7 ft flipping stick and I can pitch a 1/2 oz jig 40 - 50 ft with it effortlessly. The additional benefit is the gear ratio, allowing for lightning retrieves. Now don't take my praise lightly. I was Ryobi Fishing Tackle in the early 1980's and was the product manager for Zebco for baitcast reels when we introduced the Quantum line. I know my baitcast reels.

— John Gallaspy,

"Pitches and casts better than any reel I've ever used!"

— Jim Eakins, Winnng Tournament Pro on the SC 1000 Nixa MO

"... awesome product ..."

i just wanted to say these reels are pretty bad a$$ !!! i decided to get a lil crazy with my new 240XL , catchin monster bat rays and keeper sized sturgeon on it ... thought this might make you a lil more proud of your product, here's a couple little home made vids i had put together of me fishing with my US REEL ...

this reel was supposed to just be my striped bass pluggin reel, but it's turning out to be a straight killer for everything, wish i had the $ for the more expensive ones ... anyway, just wanted to say awesome product and if you care i'll let ya know when i catch a 6-7ft sturgeon on it or my 40# striper i been lookin for ... take care ~greg

— Greg McElroy,

"First tournament win for a SuperCaster 1000"

I have included a picture that was taken this last Friday while prefishing for the "Bash Tournament Series" at the Port O'Connor stop of the series. I have also included a picture depicting the tournament results :) Regards, Wes Gilmore {Editor's note: This is the first tournament win for a SuperCaster 1000 . . . the boat won $20,000 (an extra $5K bonus from the Big Fish Pot) in the Texas speckled trout competition.}

— Wes Gilmore,

"5 Gold, 1 Silver & 1 Bronze medal"

Just wanted you to know that at the USA / ACA 100th. National Championships in San Francisco your U.S.Reel was used by casters to win 5 Gold, 1 Silver & 1 Bronze medal. I have no doubt that by next years tournament season the U.S.Reel will be even more competitive.

A number of casters have started using them and it was Pam Peters from the Toledo Casting club and myself from the Chicago Casting Club that won medals and All around awards with them. We used them for 1/4oz. Single Hand Spinning Distance/Accuracy and 3/8oz. Plug Accuracy as well.

And by using your reel for those events, Pam won the Women's All Distance award and I won the Sr. All Distance, the All Accuracy and the Grand Angler's All Around award. Pam also won the Angler's All around in the Women's division which by the way included two previous World Champions. She leaves next week for the World's tournament and your reel will be traveling with her to Krakow, Poland with our US team members. On my side by winning the three All Around awards & God willing, I'll be leading the U.S. Sr. team to Germany in 2009.

Pam and I both feel that the current model has a great chance of setting records next season now that we have a year of competition under our belt with them.

You build a good reel.

John Seroczynski
ACA Executive Board member
ACA Futures Committee Chair
International Casting Federation board member

— John Serocynski, ACA Executive Board Member

"Salmon fishing with a 230 SX"

I just wanted to send my praises on a great reel! I purchased a US Reel 230 SX for a salmon fishing trip to the Kenai River in Soldotna, Alaska. I used the reel for a week of salmon fishing. I was very impressed with the ease of casting and the durability of the drag. I hauled in over 100 pink and silver salmon during this week.

— Joey Martin, Meridian MS

"Handles like a champ!"

I just had to drop you a line to say how much I like my 240 SX. I purchased it after seeing an ad in my CCA magazine and researching your on line site. Just last month on my second outing with my new reel, I caught a 7 lb 3 oz flounder that won the CCA Texas Star Tournament Flounder division. The reel handles like a champ. It casts a mile and has the smoothest drag ever. I recommended your reels to all of my friends. Thanks and keep them coming!

— Henry Mills,

"A Big Thank You!"

I must say a big thank you for producing such a kick a** fishing reel. I caught my fish I've dreamed about today using my SuperCaster 230XL. I wouldn't have been able to turn this fish if I was using my other reel I use. Thank you from a very happy customer!

— Matt Leiker, Spring TX

"I have her hooked."

The picture attached is the first fish my wife has caught in saltwater, now I think I have her hooked.

— Eric Moehnke, Taylor TX

"... we landed a 120 pound fish on 15 pound test with the 240SX."

The 240SX you sent me to fight tarpon with has done an outstanding job so far. Two weeks ago we landed a 120 pound fish on 15 pound test with the 240SX, the drag did great with the fish peeling off almost all the line on the first run, the spool got almost too hot to touch with the big fish going nuts, but a quick splash of water and it cooled right down. Of course we didn't have the camera with us that day, but I've started bringing it every rime out now. Also The Caloosa Catch and Release Tournament was last weekend. My friend Stefan and I were the only kayak team fising against 73 other teams of fisherman in flats boats. This was a 2 day tournament and the target was to catch 2 snook, 2 redfish, and 2 trout each day. The team with the most cumulative inches wins. We ended up with 224" of fish good enough for 8th place. Here are a few pictures of some fish the US REELS have been catching. Thanks and I'll talk to you soon.

— Josh Harvel, Yaknitup Guide Service

"Thanks for making such a quality reel. "

Thanks for making such a quality reel. Our customers appreciate being able to fish with great gear.

— Joe Harner,

"It performs as its advertised and more."

Hello and how are you? I have been using the 240SX for over 2 years and loving it. It is by far one of the best reels I have in the price range. It performs as its advertised and more. One quick question though, I do a lot of surf fishing and I paird this up with a 9' surf rod... I was wondering if it is possible to change the handle to a T-shape style to fit my needs... thank you and God bless!

— Benjamin Kwong,

"The reel has been working out great..."

The reel has been working out great for me and plan on expanding my purchase.

— Marcus K.,

"The drag is smooth and stable."

Great product. I could not beleive how much farther it casts than my Shimano. The drag is smooth and stable ...

— Scott Brockmeier,


Wow, I read the article about your new XL 180 ultralight spinning reel in my newest issue of Field and Stream. I think this would be ideal for using very small lures for wary trout on some of our premier streams where fish are highly pressured. The article tested the XL 180 with Fireline small diameter, achieved amazing casting distance.

— Charles O'Dell, Blacksburg VA

"... hooked up on a 110 pound tarpon and put it boat side in 17 minutes."

I'm a saltwater flats guide in west central Florida. I'm sponsored by Quantum but had a client bring his own reel onbaord my boat during his charter. It was a US Reel model and I was very impressed with his casting. It seemed to be a very sturdy reel as he put it to the test that day on 17 bull redfish all weighing over 13 pounds and also hooked up on a 110 pound tarpon and put it boat side in 17 minutes. If possible, I'd like more info on these reels and how I can obtain a few to test and write a review for my column on Florida Sportsmans weekly forecast for the Big Bend area of Florida. I didn't think another reel could out work my Quantum Cabo but I may have found a match. Thank you, Capt. Billy Henderson www.DSOoutdoors.com

— Capt. Billy Henderson,

". . . a revolutionary fishing reel."

I was fishing for bass on Lake of the Ozarks in January when I set the hook on a monster of a fish. I could tell the fish was humongous from the first moment. I had been catching keeper size bass all day long on suspending stickbaits when I pulled up to a long submerged point along side of the old river channel. I was fishing 8lb Berkley Fluorocarbon with a 6'6'' Fenwick Fishing rod. To make matters worse I was fishing a lure that costs $30!! I certainly did not want to lose that expensive lure. Luckily I was fishing my SuperCaster SX spinning reel. I have caught some big fish in the past on this reel and knew the reel and drag system would hold under the intense fight. My fishing buddy with me that day was thoroughly impressed with the incredibly smooth drag of the SuperCaster. The big fish made numerous runs in attempt to break the fishing line. I was able to slowly move the fish over deep open water and eventually wear him down. My partner slipped the net under the fish however the fish barely fit into the net! I can't say enough about how great these reels are designed. I use these reels for all types of fishing from trout to crappie to bass fishing. They will hold up to much larger fish also such as that 40lb near record breaking Freshwater Drum. Thanks for making such a revolutionary fishing reel.

— Jack Uxa,

"240sx great reel"

This 240sx reel does what it says good all round reel for fresh and salt the drag using 30lb braided line is awesome smooth drag pulling up 20# stripers.The large diameter spool good control {feathering} when you need to cast accurate for bass or on flats fishing. The weight of the reel is very light match balance light weiht highend rods. My set up is 240sx reel, 30#powerpro braid. Clarus salmond rod 8'6M. (Source: http://www.troutlet.com/US-Reel-Supercaster-P285.aspx)

— Gary Chin Loy,


His unique spinning reel is an amazing piece of fishing-engineering. Spouse and I purchased one-unit 230 sx yesterday in Ledgewood, NJ for our scholarly chemistry Elmira College son. He's off to Chicago, IL for the National Science Foundation outing but not before he receives his second year running Phi Beta Kappa award from the graduating 2007 senior class membership at Elmira. Elmira is nestled in the Finger Lakes region of NY state. One can fish lakes, streams and the mighty 'Chemung River ' for pike, bass and the hard-running cyprinus-carpio - aka carp the twin spools of his brand new 230 SX will give our Paduan-Jedi son the advantage to 'slow-down' the locomotive-like runs of this prehistoric- river-fish. Thanks to the entire team of the U.S. Reel company & SuperCaster 230 [carbon-fiber] sx. It is all an-inland fisherperson could ask for and utilize. (Source: http://www.troutlet.com/US-Reel-Supercaster-P285.aspx )

— Michael A. Drahl,

"It has been a pure joy to use!"

I live in Houston Texas and kayak fish the coast. I fish the flats, marshes, and 'beyond the breakers'. I'm sure I will be putting this reel [SuperCaster 230SX] to the test. My normal winter fishing for trout and reds is a "piece of cake " for your reel. It has been a pure joy to use! Bull reds, jacks, and sharks will be the real (or reel) test! I hope to be hearing from you soon. Thanks for a great product! I think my baitcasters are in for a long rest. Thank you again! Doug Brady

— Douglas Brady,

"Casting is easy and the drag is smooth as can be."

Thanks for the 230 SX reel you just sent me. My friend Russ (who spoke with you both) recommended it and I put it to use right away. I’ve been fishing for 45 years, 30 of those specifically for steelhead in the eastern Great Lakes( I guide for friends only). Here is a nice fresh run Lake Erie steelhead – about 8# caught (and released) on your reel with 4# test line. The reel performed flawlessly. Casting is easy and the drag is smooth as can be. I also landed larger fish – up to 9# with similar results even loading up the rod to test your drag. I’m looking forward to trying it for King salmon pier fishing come autumn! You can feel free to use this as a recommendation. I will certainly recommend your reel to my many fishing pals (and already have). Regards, Michael Palmer

— Michael Palmer,

"Best spinning reels I have ever owned"

I purchased two of your 230 model reels as soon as they came on the market and I am very happy with their performance. I use them primarily for Bass fishing in Florida. I also have a 240 model which I use exclusively for salt water inshore fishing. I spool them with 30 Lb. Power Pro and use 20Lb. fluorocarbon leader. These are the best spinning reels I have ever owned. The birds nests are gone and I can cast them a mile. I'm looking forward to buying your new baitcaster.

— John Strada, Lakeland FL

"Got my new baitcaster... It's AWESOME!!!!"

I got my new SuperCaster 1000 in the mail today. It's AWESOME!!! I did a little bit of lawn fishing in the rain today while standing in 6" of snow, just to try it out. This reel casts a country mile. What a great idea! I wasn't sure what lure to tie on for Winter Lawn Fishing so I settled on a 3/8 oz slip sinker. I made a cast with 2 brakes engaged and the level wind set low. The cast flew across my lawn so fast I could hardly track it in the air. Now thanks to you guys I am going to have to replace my NOW obsolete reels! Thanks!!

— Tim Wohland,

"Impressed enough to purchase 2!"

Got your name and address from Ray Christie, a guide here on Calcasieu Lake. I am a retired Texas peace officer, who settled in Hackberry, Louisiana. Weather permitting I fish five days weekly. Although I had seen U.S. Reels advertising, I never actually handled one until Ray showed up with his. I was impressed enough that I online purchased two SuperCaster 1000 pros and one SuperCaster 230 pro. To date I have been very satisfied. The 1000s are as smooth as the Calcuttas that I have used for the past eight years' and the drag systems are comparable. Significantly, I am getting 10-15 yards more distance per cast than I get with the Calcuttas. My wife, who is tiny, is also getting much longer casts. We are both happy. Thought you would like to know that we think you guys have put a good product on the market.

— Lonnie Burns, Hackberry LA

"Personal Best!"

LaserLure rod and lure with the SuperCaster 1000 PRO bring in 13lb Bass.

— Mike Lopez, LaserLure

" I think the drag system and casting performance is unbeatable."

Here are a couple of pictures from fishing yesterday. I have just started fishing the U.S. Reel SuperCaster 230, I caught redfish and trout in the backcountry off of Homosassa, Florida. I know this reel has added casting performance making it easier to cast greater distances, this allows me to fish the oyster bars and keep my boat at a safe distance so we do not to spook the reds and trout up in the shallows. The drag system handled everything we caught with a lighter setting. I think the drag system and casting performance is unbeatable.

— Capt. Bill Boynton, Homosassa FL

". . . love ‘em"

Bought two - love 'em so far.

— T. G., Aurora CO

". . . spinning reels as boat anchors."

. . . the line twist with this reel is much less than any other spinning reel I have used, (and I have had a lot of them) and will probably keep me from using any more spinning reels as boat anchors. We caught a lot of spotted bass and had a very successful trip. Thanks again.

— B. B., San Ramon CA

"Just when I'd given up on spinning reels, I found a dandy."

— Brian Hendrick, Arkansas Democrat

"...Largest bass to date."

This is my largest bass to date. It weighted in at 14.44lbs. and was caught on your reel. Believe me, that drag is smooth. Fishing with 8lb. test line, a smooth drag is paramount. I caught this fish Dec. 23,2006 not long after dark. Had I known how big the fish was I might not have landed it so easily. The reel casts and handles great even with a monster on the other end of the line. I am looking forward to using this reel in tournaments later this month. Once again, thank you.

— A. Leach,

"The best casting reel I've ever owned"

— Jim Hutchinson, Outdoor Writer

"It is outstanding in performance; and so are all of you for making this fishing marvel"

Your SuperCaster spinning reel has improved every aspect of my fishing experiences. It casts effortlessly and reliably and propels my fishing lures amazing distances. I am very pleased to use the SuperCaster reel. It is outstanding in performance; and so are all of you for making this fishing marvel available . . . Since returning [from a fishing trip] I have ordered another reel for personal use and a gift order for my brother.

— J. C., Bedford OH

"I love the drag and casting performance"

Hi. I am a guide in the Keys, but also a bass addict. I used the reel 3 days and caught many fish including a 12 pound snook, 2 – 7 to 8 pound bass. I love the drag and casting performance . . . I own nothing but Shi**** products . . . and I believe the drag and casting performance is much better on your reel.

— Capt. Don Irwin, Marathon FL

"The best I’ve ever used"

Fred, the reel works great. I've had a chance to do quite a bit of bass fishing lately, and it is perfect for tossing worms/lizards in situations where I don't want to have use any weights at all . . .

— S. T., Greenville SC

"The SuperCaster performed sweetly."

A Reel Jewel. The reel’s features make it ideal for an extremely wide variety of fishing techniques. Its 2 1/4-inch spool dwarfs the average 1 1/2-inch spool on reels in its class. Feathering a cast with your forefinger is a breeze because the spool is so close . . . During my fishing with a pre-production model, the SuperCaster performed sweetly. The drag was smooth . . ."

— G. Gibbs, Senior Editor Outdoor Life Magazine

"This reel handles 10 pound walleye as if they where bluegills."

Fred, I used your reel this last Friday walleye fishing on the Detroit river. I am a tournament walleye fisherman and a walleye guide on the Detroit river and Lake Erie. I also work for Bass Pro Shops in Auburn Hills, Michigan. I can use any reel, but I fish with your product. What a great reel. Its small size and light weight make it an ideal vertical jigging reel. And has the power to handle the biggest walleye Lake Erie can produce. I fish in the lower Trenton channel, where the water current is 5 to 6 miles a hour -- and jigging 25 to 35 feet deep. This reel handles 10 pound walleye as if they where bluegills. I can pitch the smallest jigs to the weed beds with pin point placement. The drag is as smooth as glass. And [it] can handle the riggors of 200 plus days walleye fishing . Thanks for a great reel. Paul Brown

— Paul Brown,

"Your reels can walk the talk"

Gentlemen: I field tested my 240 SX at Baffin Bay/Landcut, in Texas a few weeks ago ...TOTALLY OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE...NOT "ONE" WINDKNOT while casting into, cross winds from sun-up until dark, in steady 25/30 mph winds. I landed two 28", one 27" and several 20/25 " trout while wade fishing...This the first time in 14 yrs that I acutally outfished my step-son...a Marine Biologist at Texas A & M in Corpus Christi...we fish artifical 100 % of the time; however, he did land a 29.5" Trout, the best of his lifetime. I've fished with every brand of spinning rod on the market, and they all , without exception, eventually get wind knots. I began using spinning reels in order too cast into the wind & current, keeping the lure in FRONT of the fish...not throwing with the wind, and lining them, i.e., bringing the lure from behind them. All our fishing buddies are beginning to ask about your spinning reels..."Your reels can walk the talk" I'm out fishing everyone in our wading group. Tks, Bob Beckett

— Bob Beckett,

"I have two of your 230SX reels and love them!"

Hi, I have two of your 230SX reels and love them! Do you have any T-shirts for sale? Thanks, Leon

— Leon .,

"...your product exceeds all we have seen to date."

My name is Capt. Mike McBride. Capt. Tricia & myself operate Skinny Water Adventures out of Port Mansfield, Texas. One of your reps gave us a pair of 230 SX's while we were attending the Rio Grande Valley CCA Banquette earlier this year. Skeptical of course..., we tried them. Suffice it to say that we have used just about everything on the market and your product exceeds all we have seen to date. The Lower Laguna Madre, where we fish, is an extremely harsh place. It is a hypersaline bay and we wade fish with our clients 90% of the time. That means the reels typically 'swim' day after day in a very corrosive environment. Besides being true to performance claims, they have withstood all abuse with minimum maintenance. They are something we feel will help our clients have a more productive day and would like to add them to our arsenal. Both Capt. Tricia & myself are monthly feature writers in the Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine and work closely with Joe Meyer and Fishing Tackle Unlimited on their Pro-Staff. To enhance (and protect) our own credibility, we only use and endorse products of the highest quailty. Your reels pass with exciting marks. Question. Do you offer any programs for guides with high exposure? If so, we'd certainly be interested. If not, we'll just suck it up and go retail...and be proud of them anyway. Regards and thank-you, Mike McBride www.SkinnyWaterAdventures.com http://texassaltwaterfishingmagazine.com

— Capt. Mike McBride, Skinny Water Adventures Port Mansfield TX

"I would like to replace all of my inshore reels with supercasters."

I recently purchased a supercaster 240 xl near my home in Pensacola, Fl. I love this reel. I would like to replace all of my inshore reels with supercasters.

— Dan Storey, Pensacola FL

"... loves the reels."

My girlfriend (Ruthie) loves the reels. We have been using 50lb braid on the 240. We will be using 30lb braid on the 230 next Friday.

— Randall Cothran, Sufix Fishing North America Greensboro NC

"... durable and versatile."

I wanted to wait and try the 240sx in both salt and fresh water before providing an opinion. For the past 4 months I've fished for bass in Texas, various surf fish in Florida and large trout on the Pit River in California. Great look, excellent drag, extra insurance with the larger line capacity, durable and versatile. I now own 2 and when the 180sx comes out I will buy 2 of those. I have more than one high dollar reel made by a competitor. Found something better in the US Reel.

— Al Vaida,

"Hot Set-Up!!!!"

Here is a picture with one of my clients from yesterday. US reel 230, spooled with the Sufix high vis braid. 6# Sufix fluoro leader and a pink egg sac. Hot Set-Up!!!! You gotta get up here. The invitation is thrown at you again.

— Capt. Troy Creasy, Pulaski NY

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