SuperCaster 1000 and SuperCaster 1000PRO

Introducing a new casting reel that casts farther than other reels, casts and pitches lighter lures ... and does it with fewer backlashes!

For over 50 years the most significant change to a baitcast reel was moving from a round design to a low profile design. There have been a variety of improvements to components but the technology of the reel has remained essentially unchanged — UNTIL NOW! The NEW SuperCaster Baitcast reels offer a radical new approach to the way a baitcast reel works which produces more benefits, more control, easier and farther casting, and all around Higher Performance for everyone!

The Problem with
ALL Other Casting Reels:

All casting reels on the market today have one common problem that limits the reel – the levelwind guide! The side-to-side action of the levelwind eyelet lays line evenly across the spool during retrieve. BUT, when casting, the levelwind becomes a major obstacle to the cast by adding friction from the sides of the levelwind eyelet. In addition, the eyelet actually is the cause of many backlashes when the line to the eyelet is at a sharp angle. When this happens, the spool “hesitates” as line catches on other line and then has to accelerate to catch up. This acceleration during the cast can start a pesky backlash if the angler is not paying attention.

The Problem

Problem with traditional bait casters

The sharp angle of the line to the eyelet creates distance-robbing friction and cast control problems – including backlashes.

Our Solution

SuperCaster Solution

SuperCaster has no eyelet, so regardless of line position on the spool, the line leaves straight and virtually friction-free!

The SuperCaster 3-Point Solution:

The Angled Bar Levelwind (ABLe™) (Patent Pending)
The heart of the system levels the line on the spool by a rotating angled bar that creates a see-saw effect to guide the line instead of an eyelet. The rolling motion of the bar levels the line but – during the critical casting phase – does not restrict the line like a typical levelwind eyelet.

The Angled Bar Levelwind (ABLe™)

The Reverse Rotation Spool (Patent Pending)
The SuperCaster spool rotates the “wrong” way – but it is actually the right way. Why? By itself it doesn’t have any unique benefits but as an integral component to the SuperCaster Casting System it works better in several ways. First, it operates best mechanically in conjunction with the ABLe™ Levelwind. When the line comes from below, it pulls the line over the levelwind bar so that line is consistently put back on the spool level and smooth. Secondly, spool control is easier with the spool turning into the thumb rather than moving away from the thumb. Thirdly, backlashes, although rare, come out easier.

Adjustable Levelwind Positions

Best of all, there is no learning curve… even a novice can fish this reel right out of the box! However, be aware. The SuperCaster reel casts much easier than any other baitcast reel you’ve thrown to achieve the same results. Without having to overcome the tension created by the line guide, line comes off easy so you don’t have to throw it as hard, unless you really want to throw it FAR!

The Adjustable Levelwind (Patent Pending)
Amazingly, the height of the new levelwind system regulates casting control. When in the highest position, the ABLe™ Levelwind minimizes the need to thumb the reel during a cast and yet the reel casts farther than most reels because the reel is not limited by an eyelet. When in a lower position – look out because the reel will ‘cast a country mile’.

The Internal Drive Gear

Until now, the only main gear designed in a baitcast reel had the teeth on the outside of the gear and the pinion gear contacted it on the outside. To create the reverse rotation, the gear system was designed by moving the pinion gear to the inside of the main gear. The new design, which has never been used in a casting reel before, is a unique solution to provide the reverse rotation and delivers the benefit of the pinion gear maintaining contact with the main gear longer. This allows for a stronger gear system that will last longer and stand up to greater challenges.

Improved Drag

The SuperCaster 1000 offers a Twin Disk, higher heat sink drag system for more consistent drag start to finish. The SuperCaster ABLe™ Levelwind solves a long-standing drag problem – pulsing due to eyelet position. This problem is most noticeable when the eyelet it furthest to one side. As the line is being pulled off, sometimes the line is directly behind the eyelet and other times it is quite angled from the other side of the spool. It is easier for the line to slip when directly behind the eyelet than with the line is coming from the side. This causes the drag to pulse and possibly cause a fish to be lost.

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