Where are these reels made?

Originally, U.S. Reel reels were made in St. Louis, MO. However, due to U.S. federal tax laws (with disincentives to produce in the U.S.) and other cost differentials, reels are now made in China, where many of the highest quality reels from the major brands are produced. Unlike many of these other brands, U.S. Reel is an American company with its products innovated and designed in the US.

Why is the SuperCaster baitcast reel different than any other baitcast reel?

Baicasting reels have improved over the years. There is no question about it. However, the way the reel works has essentially remained unchanged.

The SuperCaster reel differs from all others in three areas:

1) The levelwind - There is no level.wind eyelet that causes energy dissipation, reduced casting distance and pulsing drags. In addition, as line comes off the spool during a cast, sometimes the line catches on other line wraps. This can momentarily cause the spool to hesitate slightly then accelarate to catch up with the line payout. This accelaration is the beginning of a backlash if the angler is not paying enough attention or the angler's thumb is not "educated" enough to realize what is happening.

2) The spool rotates in the opposite direction - This is achieved by the more compact internal gear system and works "hand and glove" with the levelwind by providing an angle necessary during retrieve to move the line back and forth on the spool. However, there is another benefit - backlashes are less likely with less experienced anglers if light thumb pressure is kept on the spool. Yes, it is true! The reason is that if a backlash begins, the line starts to "bunch up" on the spool - just like always. However, when the spool (and backlashed line) is rotating INTO the thumb, the spool will automatically slow down without the angler having to do anything differently (like applying more thumb pressure). In other words, an educated thumb is not as important with the SuperCaster if the angler maintains a slight thumb pressure during the cast.

3) The levelwind height is adjustable - The levelwind during a cast provides a proportional braking force just like the centrifugal brakes. When the levelwind is in the lowest position, this braking force is minimal and the SuperCaster will simply outcast all other casting reels (assuming the friction and centrifugal brakes aren't set too high). In the highest position, it is like adding another brake shoe and allows for less backlashing with excellent casting distance.

Here is an example of how one might use the levelwind height adjustment in a typical fishing day. All else being equal, lighter weight lures require a little more proportional braking force. This is because lighter lure momentum fades faster than a heavier lure - causing the lure speed to slow quicker and make it more likely that the spool will over run.. With this in mind, an angler might have the levelwind in the full down position for his heavier lures, in a middle position for his mid-weight lures and in the highest position for his lightest lures. By the way, you will find you can cast and pitch lighter lures with the SuperCaster, too.

So, in a over-hyped marketing world where "innovation", "revoultionary" and similar "puff" words are thrown around and over-used, the SuperCaster is truly an innovative reel that has many newly-designed (and patent pending)features that ultimately are significant improvements that help you catch more fish!

Is there a learning curve to being able to cast a reverse rotation spool reel?

There is no learning curve required to cast a SuperCaster. Except for the higher lure speed during a cast, most people don't even realize that the spool is moving in the opposite direction!. It does take a little while to get used to how less effort is needed to cast a lure. We think you’ll handle it just fine.

How does the ABLe Levelwind bar work?

In the simplest terms, when the reel is cranked the Angled Bar Levelwind (ABLe) rotates creating a see-saw effect. This raises the angled bar on one side and then the other, moving the line back and forth across it. With the reverse rotation of the spool, the line lays over the levelwind and is pulled down toward the bottom of the spool. In conjunction with the see-saw effect of the ABLe Levelwind, this distributes the line back on the spool evenly. Another key feature of this unique levelwind is the ultra-hard Titanium Nitirde coating (TIN.). This allows big fish to run hard on abrasive lines without the need to worry about damaging the levelwind.

Will line cut into the Levelwind bar?

No. As discussed above, the levelwind bar itself is coated with a super-hard Titanium Nitride coating (TIN) which protects the levelwind and the line from wearing.

How do you put line on a reverse rotation spooled reel?

Exactly the same way you currently put line on any reel. The line goes over the top of the levelwind and gets tied to the spool. When you crank, the line will automatically follow the correct path.

Does removing the line guide on the levelwind make the drag any smoother?

Yes. The SuperCaster Angled Bar Levelwind (ABLe) solves a long-standing drag problem - pulsing due to eyelet position. This problem is most noticeable when the eyelet it furthest to one side.

As the line is being pulled off of the spool, sometimes the line is directly behind the eyelet and other times it is quite angled from the other side of the spool. It is easier for the drag to slip when directly behind the eyelet than with the line is coming from the side. This causes the drag to pulse and possibly cause a fish to be lost.

Put another way, when the drag is working, line will come straight off of the spool and not be hindered and changed by a pesky line guide.

Will this reel hold up in saltwater?

The SuperCaster reel was designed by the U.S. Reel product development team made up primarily of people who grew up fishing here in the States. From the beginning, the reel was designed with parts that are stainless steel and anodized hardened materials. Then for good measure, the 6-layer SUPERCOAT6™ protection process was added to the frame and side covers. Right from the start, this reel was designed with the materials and the protection needed to stand up to saltwater fishing.

The six-coat treatment: 1) Anodizing, 2) EDP undercoat #1, 3) EDP undercoat #2, 4) Primer coat, 5) Base coat, 6) Clear coat

How do I adjust the height of the levelwind bar?

On the front left side of the reel is a silver knob marked, “Push To Turn.” Pushing the button releases the mechanism and allows a quick and easy adjustment of the height of the levelwind bar.

This makes it easy to react to situations while maintaining the optimum settings on the reel. When turning to cast into the wind, simply push, raise the bar, release the button and it goes back into the locked position. Then watch as you make the cast with more control. Going to a lighter lure? Raise the bar and make the cast.

Does this reel come in a left hand crank model?

SuperCaster baitcast reels are now available in left hand crank. You can find left hand versions of the following models at retailers near you: SuperCaster Invader 610, SuperCaster Effortless 710X, SuperCaster Hibdon 810SX, and the SuperCaster SALT I LH.

Why is the spool tension knob on the left side, not the right side?

The Internal main gear on the right side of the reel is an enclosed gear which does not allow access to the end of the spool shaft from the right side. The end of the spool shaft is accessible on the left side so the tension adjustment is placed in the center of the spool access cover.

How do I remove the spool?

On the left side plate is a spool release mechanism which contains the spool tension control. Turn 60° to the left to remove the left side plate and expose the 6-point centrifugal brake system. You can make adjustments to the brake system or remove the spool using this technique.

Can I buy a spare spool and are parts available for the reel?

Yes. Spare parts and spare spools will be available from U.S. Reel and authorized service centers.

Does the line go UNDER the Wave Bar levelwind for my SuperCaster 600, 700, 800 and SALT I?

Yes! The line goes UNDER the Wave Bar levelwind for all of the following models: SuperCaster Hibdon 800SX and 810SX, SuperCaster Effortless 700X and 710X, SuperCaster Invader 600 and 610 SuperCaster SALT I and SALT I LH.

Does the line go OVER the Wave Bar levelwind for my SuperCaster 1000 and 1000PRO?

Yes! The line goes OVER the Wave Bar levelwind for the SuperCaster 1000 and 1000PRO ONLY.

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