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America's Favorite Fisherman Signs Deal with U.S. Reel

By U.S. Reel
ST. LOUIS, Missouri –— U.S. Reel announced today that “America’s Favorite Fisherman,” Jimmy Houston, has just signed a five-year contract. “We are proud as can be that the legendary Jimmy Houston is now a part of the SuperCaster movement that is sweeping the nation,” declared Founder and President of U.S. Reel, Fred Kemp.

Mr. Houston added, "I spent the past thirty years fishing what I believed were the best reels out there. Now there is clearly a better choice!”

“I am absolutely blown away with the quality, technology, innovations, and value of the SuperCaster® line-up.” He continued, “SuperCasters are the smoothest, easiest reels that I have ever fished. No reel that I have seen will cast as far as these reels."

Jimmy says, “My good friend Tom Mahoney from Little Rock first introduced me to the SuperCaster on a trip to my lake earlier this year. He told me he had never seen a reel that would cast this far. He said the key to this reel is that it has no level wind eyelet. Later, my friend OT Fears stopped by and told me that he had changed to U.S. Reel as had Guido and Dion Hibdon. I had to learn more.”

Jimmy explains, “The ABLe (short for Angled Bar Levelwind) or see-saw levelwind system (I call it the magic wave bar) is the secret. The line flows much more freely off the spool and does not have to traverse and funnel down through an eyelet. And these reels are packed with other great technological innovations. It's going to be fun fishing and sharing these great reels with America's fishermen."

Besides increased casting distance, anglers will notice less effort is required to cast, fewer backlashes and easier casting into the wind. Houston declares, "My new U.S. Reel SuperCaster is an incredible casting reel! It's unbelievable how far I can cast with such little effort. Every fisherman will be impressed!"

Jimmy Houston, America’s Favorite Fisherman, is in his 31st year on national television with Jimmy Houston Outdoors on VERSUS (OLN), America One, Faith TV, America Media Group, Lone Star Network and National Religious Broadcasters. In addition, he can be seen in Jimmy Houston's Adventures on America One, Faith TV, AMG Network, Lone Star Network and National Religious Broadcasters. His show (JHO) consistently ranked as the #1 outdoors show on ESPN for 20 years and now on VERSUS (OLN) and the other networks. Jimmy is well known as the hardest working pro in the country.

Since winning The Oklahoma State Championship as a college senior in 1966, Jimmy Houston has gone on to win over a million dollars in bass tournaments. He has fished 15 Bassmaster Classics and won the B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year title in both 1976 and 1986.

You can find more information on our complete product line by visiting www.usreel.com. There is also a video on the web site highlighting the ABLe levelwind in detail and more specifics on these all-new, radical, high-performance reels.

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About U.S. Reel: The logo for U.S. Reel includes the subtitle, “When Performance Means Everything.” Performance is the main product goal for the company in every reel it makes. The world does not need another reel maker but it does need better reels! This is why every product of U.S. Reel is an advance over current technology and never a “me too” product.

"I spent the past thirty years fishing what I believed were the best reels out there. Now there is clearly a better choice!”
America’s Favorite Fisherman, Jimmy Houston

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