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First Impression: US Reel SuperCaster 1000 Pro

By Everett Johnson
A couple of years ago, US Reel rocked the fishing world with their SuperCaster spinning reels. The oversized spool, smooth drag, and ability to survive in harsh applications earned them wide acceptance. Texas wade fishing guides whose unpracticed clients are prone to dunking reels found a highly sought solution to sticky bails, stuttering drag clutches and countless hours hunched over workbenches to keep gear in good order.

This past July at the ICAST show, US Reel rocked us again. Rumors of a radical new baitcaster had been leaked but the nuts and bolts of what Fred Kemp, founder and president of US Reel, had up his sleeve were sketchy. Given the innovative design and performance of the SuperCaster spinner, everybody was dying for a peek.

"Today, we are unveiling the greatest innovation in baitcast reel design since the introduction of the free spool ," was how Kemp kicked off his press conference.

If Fred's opening statement conjured skepticism, I believe it evaporated quickly. The slide presentation that followed was packed with radical concepts. The level wind system and reverse rotation spool were quite unlike anything we had expected. And these were only the beginning.

If a better mousetrap is one with fewer and Simpler parts, the SuperCaster 1000 gearing system has to be a winner. While other reels utilize external gear teeth to transfer power, the SuperCaster drive employs internal teething. Way back when I used to get involved in gear manufacture, and while I had no idea how these teeth might be formed, the simplicity of the design just leaps out at you.

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