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On the Water with U.S. Reel

U.S. Reel steps out of the box, develops new baitcaster model with no line guide
By Mike Holiday

Fred Kemp, President of U.S. Reel, holds a large snook he sight cast off a seawall using a U.S. Reel SuperCaster SX240.
There are set rules for manufacturing a baitcasting reel. Fishing reel manufacturers have developed wider spools, faster and slower gearing and utilized lightweight components
in an effort to improve on the basic baitcasting system, but no one has really changed the standard components of the way a baitcasting reel is built.

No matter how you improve on the components, the line comes through a line guide or level wind, which threads the line on the spool evenly across the top of the spool as the spool rotates upwards. Gearing, materials and spool lengths and widths will make a reel do something specific, but the level wind maybe not.

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