US Reel puts a new spin on baitcasting with the no eyelet SuperCaster

Event Article: 2008 ICAST Coverage
Date: 7/18/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Manufacturer: U.S. Reels
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: US Reel may be best known for their characteristic large diameter spool spinning reels which increase casting distance and reduce line twist, but this ICAST what really caught our attention was the introduction of the company's first baitcaster, the SC1000 which is engineered just as inimitable as the company's spinning reels.

US Reel introduces their first baitcaster, the SC1000 and SC1000 Pro

Like the company's spinning reels the new SC1000 (SuperCaster) was designed to address a problem with existing reel design, and in this case that is the traditional levelwind guide design which becomes an obstacle to the cast by adding friction from the sides of the eyelet.

A look at the top of the SC1000 Pro. From the top is looks like a normal reel...

In addition traditional eyelets are the cause of many backlashes when the line to the eyelet is at a sharp angle. This angle causes the spool to pause as the line catches on other line and then has to accelerate to catch up. This acceleration can start a backlash if the angler is not aggressively thumbing the spool.

... but look closely and you will notice it has no traditional levelwind or eyelet

So what has US Reel done to address the issue? They have created a reel that has no eyelet at all, allowing the line to leave the reel straight and virtually friction free regardless of line position.

The SuperCaster lays line back down on the spool evenly with the innovative ABLe levelwind which is coated with Titanium

So how does a baitcaster with no eyelet lay down line evenly on the spool? US Reel has created the "Angled Bar Levelwind" which is a rotating angled bar that creates a see-saw effect to guide the line side to side instead of an eyelet. While the rolling motion of the bar levels the line it does not restrict the line like a traditional eyelet during casting.

The SC1000 is compact due to a main gear with teeth on the inside

After testing the concept US Reel discovered that by adjusting the levelwind height the bar was also regulating cast control. This adjustable bar allows for maximum casting distance when the bar is adjusted at the lowest setting, but anglers will have to thumb the spool more aggressively than when the bar is set higher.

Press and turn to adjust the height of the levelwind, this also acts as a unique cast control system as the line angle changes

Another interesting aspect of the SC1000's design is that the reel features a "reverse rotation" spool and the line comes out from under the spool and up to the bar. This design creates an angle which makes the adjustable levelwind function, and also reduces backlashes.

A look at the standard SC1000

The SC1000 manages to be compact and comfortable to palm due to the advanced gear system. Most baitcasters of this size require a larger downward protruding form factor to house the gearing, but the SuperCaster is able to achieve a high speed retrieve with a much more compact assembly that features a unique main gear with the teeth on the inside.

Both reels feature a forged aluminum spool

The company will introduce two SC1000 reel models the standard and the Pro. The red reel is the pro version and the main difference is added refinement with the addition of two bearings, and the standard has a retrieve ration of 6.6:1 while the Pro is a burner with a 7:1 ratio.

The SuperCaster is able to be palmed comfortably

Both reels feature a forged aluminum spool and stainless steel spool shaft. The SC1000 weighs in at 8.3oz and the SC1000 Pro weighs .2oz more. In terms of pricing the SC1000 will retail for 199.99 while the Pro version will cost 50 dollars more. US Reel expects the reels to become available in retail in November this year.

John McClain from US Reels shows us the new SC1000 Pro, which was without a doubt the most innovative new baitcaster at the show

US Reel tackles real world performance issues on existing reels with exclusive mechanical designs and the SC1000 was without a doubt the most innovative baitcast reel we saw at the show. The SuperCaster is certainly not a "me-too" reel, but rather something completely different than what anglers have ever seen or fished.

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