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U.S. Reel SuperCaster 230SX
By Everett and Pam Johnson
Ask any salt who has given spinning reels a fair trial why they went back to baitcast reels and you might get an earful. Line twist is sure to come up. Line capacity can be a sore spot too. Some will complain that the drag systems didn't pass muster. Wade fishermen say one good dunking is all many reels can tolerate. And then there's the problem of sticky bail operation.

Personally, line twist has always been my chief hang up. As a guide, I tired years ago of untangling nasty knots in client's lines. I tried swivels, even double swivels, and gained only modest improvement. Line twist, I learned, does not always come from a poorly rigged or twirling lure. It is a natural product of wrapping line around a stationary spool and repeated casting with badly twisted line sets the stage for trouble.

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