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HIBDON SuperCasters to Storm the Market

ST. LOUIS, MO 10/22/2009 –— U.S. Reel announced today that the “First Family of Fishing”, headed by Guido and Dion Hibdon, is endorsing their revolutionary new HIBDON Performance Series with the introduction of the HIBDON SuperCaster 800SX casting reel. Payden, Connar, and Lawson Hibdon – sons of Dion – are also tournament anglers and are a part of the Hibdon winning team. The Hibdon SuperCaster is the latest in the high-performance U.S. Reel arsenal that eliminates the old energy-robbing levelwind eyelet found in traditional casting reels.

“We are honored and thrilled that the Hibdon Family has joined with us to produce this fantastic new reel,” says U.S. Reel President Fred Kemp. “This reel is designed with features that give serious anglers a definite edge and is offered at a great price.”

Guido and Dion both own World Championships. Guido won the Bassmasters Classic in 1988 and was BASS Angler of the Year in 1990 and 1991. Dion won the Bassmasters Classic in 1997 and then won the FLW Championship in 2000. Following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, Payden Hibdon won the Junior BassMaster Classic in 2005.

“These new reels without a levelwind eyelet can cast – I mean, they outcast other reels and that is all there is to it,” says Guido. “They are also the most easy-to-cast reels I’ve ever used.”

“You can get better lure speed and can fire or pitch baits up under cover a lot easier, too.” says Guido. “But, for most casts, just a simple flick of the wrist is all you need.”

All SuperCaster casting reels use the exclusive ABLe™ (short for Angled Bar Levelwind) system that guides the line onto the spool. The ABLe levelwind is also often called a “See-Saw Levelwind™” because as the levelwind turns, the bar teeters and the line is forced to go back and forth onto the spool with a see-saw like action. The line flows much more freely off the spool and does not have to traverse and funnel down through an eyelet.

Benefits of this revolutionary levelwind include longer casts, less effort to cast, fewer backlashes and easier casting into the wind. “I believe it is the biggest improvement in casting reels since the free spool reels in the 1950’s,” opines Classic Champ Dion Hibdon. “The difference from other reels is not subtle. Dad and I have been challenging other tournament fishermen to casting contests and there’s been no takers yet – at least in public that is. In private, they are checking it out and are definitely impressed.”

Dion Hibdon compares the competitors’ eyelet problem to race cars. “Imagine a race car with the front brakes on. This is exactly what is going on with even the best casting reels that have a levelwind eyelet. It doesn’t matter how well the reel is made – if there is a levelwind eyelet, it steals energy – and a lot of it! You only have to fish with one just a little while to see the difference.”

For years, fishing reel designers and engineers have tried to remove eyelet friction from casting reels. But, they have all been problematic. U.S. Reel engineers have finally developed a way to take the eyelet out of the equation with fewer moving parts and regain this lost energy. “You don’t have to worry about a worm gear or pawl going out on a SuperCaster,” Dion continues, “’Cause it doesn’t have them!”

The Hibdon SuperCaster features a super-hard titanium nitride coated, fixed position ABLe see-saw levelwind, 8 stainless steel ball bearings and an infinite antireverse bearing, forged aluminum handle, aluminum frame and side covers, forged 2-tone anodized aluminum spool, and a fast 6.55 to 1 gear ratio. In addition, the reel has a plated deposition exterior finish that is both functionally tough as nails and durable without sacrificing the sleek design. The Hibdon SuperCaster outcasts and outperforms reels priced much higher and will be available in February at many fine retailers. The reel will sell for only $119.99.

For more information, visit www.usreel.com. There is a video on the web site highlighting the ABLe levelwind in detail and more specifics on these all-new, radical, high-performance reels and all the features of the Hibdon SuperCaster 800 SX.


About U.S. Reel: The logo for U.S. Reel includes the subtitle, “When Performance Means Everything.” Performance is the main product goal for the company in every reel it makes. The world does not need another reel maker but it does need better reels! This is why every product of U.S. Reel is an advance over current technology and never a “me too” product.

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