From its humble beginnings in search of a suitable fishing reel for a friend, US REEL developed a spinning reel that actually tackled the most common drawbacks inherent in every spinning reel ever sold. The product of this effort does not come from fancy techno-features with fancy names or icons, but a basic application of principles using today’s advanced engineering, materials and production capabilities. It totally REINVENTED the spinning reel and it has become the most talked about reel in the industry, The SuperCaster Spinning Reel.

The application of basic, sound principles using the best in today and future technologies drives US REEL to deliver high quality SuperCasters and other high-performance fishing products that actually improve a product without making it complicated to understand, operate or should the need ever arise, get repaired. These products and idea innovations are created, designed and engineered by fisherman for fisherman here in the US that is the premise that will drive US REEL to become the #1 manufacturer of fishing products.

US REEL believes in providing products that are unique in their ability to overcome the common drawbacks of today’s fishing products and deliver products that anglers need, want and will be happy with. They should be designed here, not by designers 12,000 miles away who don’t know the difference between a snook and a bluegill. This approach has already yielded several new innovations and numerous major improvements that will be launched in late 2008. If you like the SuperCaster reels, you’ve not seen everything yet!

As a company, US REEL strongly supports its network of distribution with these and all new innovative products. US REEL will continue to provide aggressive and creative marketing support campaigns, clean and profitable trade programs, national warranty and authorized service and parts facilities.

When performance means everything, US REEL is the difference!

SuperCaster™ Story

In the summer of 1995, a beginner fisherman asked his buddy to recommend a reel for his two boys who had shown an interest in fishing. At the time, they happened to be in the showroom of a large fishing retailer that stocked nearly every reel available on the market. The kids would be using from 4-pound test (for bluegill and crappie fishing) up to 14-pound test (for bass in cover). And, the friend could only afford to buy one reel for each boy.

Despite the store’s large reel selection, his friend couldn’t recommend any of the spinning reels because they either weighed too much or had too small of a spool diameter. There just wasn’t a reel that could effectively handle that range of line sizes.

Still thinking about it, a few months later, the friend, Fred Kemp, tried combining parts from several reels to see if a large diameter reel that weighed about the weight of a typical ultra-light reel was possible.

Immediate Benefits

It turned out that not only could it be done, but the reel outperformed any other reel he’d seen. “It cast a country mile – particularly with light lines” says Kemp. “I had never cast light line (4 pounds test) on such a large spool before – the difference was tremendous and immediately apparent. Right away, I went around to all my friends and said ‘here, cast this thing!” Every single guy who cast with the reel was surprised and amazed how far the little practice plug sailed. One tackle store owner cast it past where he had thought it would land on a parking lot and onto a roof. When my wife cast for the first time she cast into a distance tree, and on my first cast, I had cast onto some telephone wires!

It became very evident with the wide spool, that twist and line memory problems were significantly reduced for light lines. In addition, this also became far less of an issue with heavy lines than with other conventional reels. As if that were not enough, for the first time, the light reel weight made fishing heavier lines much easier.

More Prototypes

Over the next few years Fred began building additional prototypes and improvements were made. The U.S. Reel SuperCaster reels were born from a desire to create an incredibly light spinning reel – a reel that would outperform most other reels by a wide margin. Meeting those conditions would mark a huge step forward in spinning reel design. That huge step took place on July 4, 2000, when Fred Kemp was granted a patent for the lightweight, large-diameter spool concept now available from U.S. Reel.

But no one could have predicted all of the other advantages that would result from the development of SuperCaster - the world’s only lightweight reel with a large diameter spool.

The Lightweight Advantage

The SuperCaster 230 SX tips the scales at less than 9 ounces. That’s as much as 50% lighter than other similar-size reels. Yet, SuperCaster is no lightweight when it comes to casting distance or fish fighting power. Thanks to the wide spool, SuperCaster stretches the tape on every cast. And its fish fighting prowess is extraordinary. The drag is smooth and steady. It maintains consistent pressure from hook-up until the fish is landed.

Factor in other important benefits like reduced line twist, generous line capacity, and the ability to handle a broad range of line tests, and it’s easy to see why SuperCaster is earning a well deserved reputation as the world’s most versatile spinning reel!

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